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Reduced mobility and special needs

Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) offers a number of facilities and services for passengers with special needs.

Accessibility: BWI Airport strives to provide easy and safe access to all of its facilities for passengers with disabilities. All public areas are accessible via ramps, elevators and escalators.


Designated parking for passengers with disabilities is available in all airport parking garages and lots. These spaces are located near the airport entrances.

Ground transportation:

BWI Airport offers various ground transportation services adapted for passengers with special needs. The adapted vehicles can transport wheelchairs and have ramps to facilitate access. This service must be reserved in advance.

  • Accessible Taxis: Taxis operating at BWI Airport also offer accessible transportation options for passengers with disabilities. Accessible taxis are equipped with ramps or lifts to help passengers with wheelchairs get in and out of the vehicle. 
  • Accessible Buses : The public transportation buses that operate at BWI Airport are also accessible for passengers with disabilities. These buses have ramps or lifts to help passengers with wheelchairs get in and out of the vehicle. 
  • Courtesy Shuttle Service : The BWI Airport offers a courtesy shuttle service between the main terminal and the BWI Marshall Train Station. This service is accessible and can accommodate passengers with disabilities.

Wheelchair service:

Passengers who need assistance getting around the airport can request a wheelchair at the travel information desk located in the main terminal. It is important to coordinate with the airline 48 hours before the flight.

Disabled passengers BWI

TSA Cares Line: 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) offers a help line for passengers with disabilities, illnesses and other medical conditions. Passengers can call this line for information on airport security policies and procedures.

Traveling with Animals:

Trained service animals are allowed at the airport. However, Maryland state law requires that all non-service animals be transported in a carrier while inside the terminal. Contact your airline for details on their animal regulations. You can also CLICK HERE

Rest areas for animals

The airport has four rest areas for animals while they are at the airport: two are before security control and two are after security control.

Services for people with visual disabilities

BWI Marshall Airport makes available to visually impaired passengers a service that connects blind and low vision people with specialized agents located in remote locations through a smartphone application. More information HERE .

Prior coordination with the Airline is important.

Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD)

There are public telephones equipped with Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD) throughout the airport. There are also TDD phones at the information desks located on the upper level Concourse A/B, the lower level at Southwest Airlines 1-5 baggage claim, the lower level Concourse E, and the MAA Pathfinders office.

Accessible Restrooms:

All restrooms at BWI Airport are equipped with facilities for people with disabilities, such as accessible toilets and grab bars.

  • Family Bathrooms:

    BWI Marshall Airport has family restrooms in many locations throughout the terminal building.

    There are four in concourse A: one before the security check between the checkpoint and the bank (equipped with an adult changing table), one just after the security check near the Phillips restaurant, one at gate A9 and one in the area Baggage claim on the lower level.

    There are five family bathrooms in the Concourse B area: one in security, one near the Silver Diner restaurant, one at gate B2, one at gate B7, and one at baggage claim belt 5. Concourse C has a family bathroom - by door C7.

    There is a family bathroom in connector B/C (equipped with an adult changing table).

    There are three near Concourse D: one is in the upper level back hallway near Hudson News, one is in the back hallway behind the Delta Air Lines ticket counter, and one is at gate D7 (equipped with an adult changing room).

  • Unisex bathrooms

    These bathrooms are specially conditioned for people with disabilities. It is possible for a person with a disability to use them with or without an assistant. Two pre-security unisex restrooms are located to the right (just past Hudson News) and left of Concourse D security, behind the airline ticket counters.

  • Changing tables for adults 

    Three of the 12 family restrooms at BWI Marshall Airport are equipped with an adult diaper changing station. One is located before security in Terminal A, one inside security at the connector between terminals B and C, and one in concourse D at gate D7.